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Fårbo Mekaniska was established in 1988 and taken over by Roger Berggren in 2005. Roger’s extensive industry experience and innovative ideas have helped the business to expand and to introduce new products that have attracted new customers. Our workshop premises have also expanded over the years, as new investments have been made in machinery and the workforce has grown. As of the start of 2017, the company has 34 employees.

Fårbo Mekaniska is a subcontractor that can deliver everything from the simplest parts to advanced precision engineering, whether you need large runs or one-off parts. Our production process is characterised by short lead times, flexibility and commitment. Our machines operate around the clock and our engineers are always ready to tackle new challenges.
We mainly supply products to the local engineering industry, which includes Atlas Copco Secoroc, Seco Tools, Outokumpu, Metso Minerals, Morgårdshammar AB and Ruukki.

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